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Snippets -   The definition of a Snippet is "a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)" Okay, so do you have the idea? This is a place we will be adding small bits of information that we discover along the way while researching the people of our County.  It will just be a paragraph or a couple of sentences telling about the residents in every day life of yesteryear.
If you want to join in the fun, be our guest and do so; just remember to quote the source (i.e.. newspaper) that the "Snippet" came from and make sure it appeared in print before 1950.

       Here are a few entries for example:

Please Return the Ladder - Will the party who removed the ladder from the premisses at 121 West Michigan street please return the same. The person
who borrowed the ladder must be through using it by this time. Source: MCEN - Sat 7 Mar 1908

Sunday School Medals. - The distribution of medals and tokens among members of Trinity cathedral Sunday school took place yesterday.
The medals were given for the best attendance at the special afternoon services each day last week and each was inscribed with the Lord's prayer.
Ethel Cheney aged 9 years, was given a beautiful oil painting of Jesus Christ for making the best cross among the girls. Her cross was of oak and was very attractive.
Howard Dunn was rewarded for writing the best composition on the daily lesson. Source: MDEN Monday 9 Mar 1908.

WWII, men march off to war. Lawrence Rinehart and his wife owned a little grocery store by the railroad tracks at 2700 S. Franklin Street., Michigan City.
As each of the son of a patron left for the war effort, Mr. Rinehart gave him a silver dollar with the instruction that they would bring it back to him when their military obligation
had been fulfilled and they returned home safely. The happy ending to this story is all, save one, of those silver dollars were returned. Story contributed by Rob and Carol Rinehart.

Andrew (Andrej) Komasinski (Kemil) - I discovered the web-site of Otis' cemetary today-June 10, 2006. My name is Noreen Komasinski; my husband is a direct descentant of Andrew (Andrej) Komasinski (Kemil), who is buried there along with his sons Joseph and Jacob (unmarked). Mary (his daughter) married on Jan Kaiser Sr. born very early in 1800's. She sailed over in 1863 (I have a record of the ship's register) to be Jan's second wife and mother to his young family and her own afterwards. Jacob owned property where the Pines Twp Hall (and formally a school site) is located. He died in 1896. Andrew died in 1893. Jacob's sons Boleslaw (Benjamin) and Ladislaw (Loge) owned property on neighboring roads in the early 1900's. Ben became a township trustee; Loge moved to East Chicago to work in heavy industry. Loge married the daughter of Jacob and Paulina (Paliga) Nawrocki, also buried in Otis. Paulina Janowski was the first child born in Indiana when her parents immigrated here in 1867. Her parents are Napoleon and Julia and buried in St Patrick's Cemetary in Chesterton. When I was researching the name Komasinski, a cousin stated to me that the family used a lot of aliases. Sure enough, when I went back to the census records I found Andrew "Campbell" born in Poland. When Jacob died, his will listed his name and alias "Kemil". Ben Kemil (Komasinski) has the road and beach named in his memory. William (Valenty) Komasinski who is buried in Otis was Andrew's son by a second wife; he married Polly (Paliga) Wozniak. When I died rather young, she married his brother Frank, who was killed in a farm accident. Her father was an old timer also in the Michigan City, Otis-Holmesville area.



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