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That this listing of the cemeteries has been composed from different resources and is not a complete listing at this time.

All cemeteries are in their own folders now. I have reclaimed some items during this process. Thank you for being patient; please continue to do so while I am fine tuning the pages and I welcome a report of any broken links; clarification of locations, and any cemteries not listed.

There is links to Find-A-Grave below for Cemeteries found on that site - some are spelled by what I have here or names are twisted around - but I have located all the Carroll county Cemeteries listed on that site. The site provides a nice GPS map locating each cemetery; there are a few that do not have maps. These possible could be printed off before a genealogical trip to Carroll county - or have Laptop will travell if you can access the internet while travelling with a laptop - many vehicles now have the GPS system them too so if you have a rough location you can possible use it to locate cemeteries.

There are or were at least 85 cemeteries in Carroll county by one source.

The Carroll Historical County Museum has many genealogical items - those related to possibly finding a cemetery or burial are:
  • Of the 85 cemeteries in Carroll Co., more than 90% of these have been indexed; all but 7 of the 85 are in book form (unpublished) here in the Museum
  • Over 147,420 obituaries
  • Death Records from 1828-2004 - Computerized
  • Misc. records from Death Records: 1921-1979 Published Death Records: 1882-1995 in card file
  • Funeral Home records from the entire county - card file
they do have a Genealogy department; other information, address etc. can be found the the following link.

Also possible information of data can be found at the Carroll Indiana Tombstone Transcription Project.

Indiana cemeteries on line records.

Some of the cmeteries locations and maps can be found at. Topographic Map Cemetery Features in Carroll County, Indiana
and also here is a county map with cemetery locations; it is in PDF.
At this point this is a combination of what was on the site when I inherited and what I have found, and what has been contributed since I took over the site. I can not verify data that has been contributed at this moment - please understand this.

I'm working on the Rossville Cemetery; is located in Rossville, in Ross Township, Clinton County, however it is a common burial place for people who lived in southern Carroll County. I took a gagillion pictures there this fall and many of the burials are Carroll County families so I thought you might be interested in linking to it. I've only got about 300 burials on there right now but I expect there to be about 2000 by the time I get all the photos added (and I've still got about half the cemetery to photograph!). Other Clinton county Cemeteries. Inquiries for these cemteries should be directed to: Lena.

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Cemetery Name Alternate Names Township Location Find-A-
Andrew Jackson Plot   Democrat    
Angell Plot
  Deer Creek Deer Creek Township, Section 28 Link 
Arthur Gwinn Burlington    
Asbury Ashbury Burlington 400 East, 350 south Link 
Ball Hill

Partial transcription
Bald Hill Democrat 3/10 of a mile East of County Road 225 East & 550 South, 1/2 mile West of County road 300 East & 500 South, site of the former Ball Hill Church Link 
Beard On what was the Beard Farm; John M. Beard who owned the land with the cemetery Clay 1/4 of a mile East of the town of Owasco or north of Rossville; east of U.S. 421, and south of Wild Cat Creek Link 
Beech Grove

Sharon  Carrollton 700 East, 50 North, on the East side of State Road 29 on the North side of Sharon, In. Link 
Baum Robinson Deer Creek 3/10 of a mile East of Prince William Road and East Summit Street, Delphi

South of Deer Creek & adjancet to the city of Delphi described as follows: beginning at a stone 27 poles N of the SE corner of W 1/2 of NE 1/4 Section 29 Twp. 25 S Range 2 W; thence N 5" W 21 rods to s stake; thence S 85 1/4 " W 9 poles and 6 linls; thece S 5" E 17 poles and 3 links; thence S 72 1/4" E 10 poles to the place of beginning
Link 1  Link 2
Link 3
Benham - Ginn

  Tippecanoe 350 North on County Road 1150 West, East side of County Road 1150 W 1/2 mile North of Highway 18 Link 
Blizzard   Tippecanoe Just off of Springboro Rd.; Set. 9 on Private Property  
Bostetter Bosteter, Carrigan, Royster Deer Creek North of County Road 675, about 575 West 1 mile East of Carrollton Road, North of Mitchell Creek Stream Link 
Brown Cemetery   Rock Creek North West 1/4 of Sec 29; County Road 175 West & 850 North Link 

Partial Listing

Burlington Cemetery by John C Anderson
  Burlington 5th & Jackson Streets, Town of Burlington Link 
Burrows Cemetery   Liberty North of 100 East, 900 North Link 
Camden Cemetery   Jackson 100 West and 400 North, South West corner of Camden Link 
Carnell Burial Plot

  Carrollton 425 East, Dead end at the North side of Deer Creek Stream  
Cedarville Seceder Adams 1/4 of a mile off of County Road 400 West and 1200 North, on the South side of the road Link 
Cline Plot   Burlington North West 1/4 of Section 19, located on the South side of the road; west of Bringhurst Link 
Commell Family   Carrollton North West 1/4 of Section 20  
Crockett   Washington Section 15 3/10 of a mile East of 575 East, 400 North side of curve on State Road 218; "Old Crockett Farm, Deer Creek, Ind" (S.W. 1/4 Sec. 15, Twp. 25 N. on the west section line 80 rods north of Deer creek)  
Dawson   Clay 450 West on county road 500 West  
Deer Creek Cemetery Sharp Point, Kerlin, Mears , Mears-Thompson Deer Creek East of 550 West and 375 North on Old Delphi Road Link 
Deer Creek United Brethren

  Carrollton NE 1/4 Sec 27, 700E
250N W SIDE OF ST. RD 29
Delphi     East of the City & St. Rd. 25 on W300N on the South Side; or West of the N 575W & W 300N intersection on the South Side  Link 
Delphi Pentecostal Saints       Link 
Doc Smith Smith
Clay 600 South, North of St. Johns's Cemetery on county road 650 south, about 650 West  
Dyer   Jefferson 1250 West, 725 North to North East, Located on the West bank of Lake Freeman West of Oakdale Dam  

Draper Cemetery Democrat 250 West on county road 575 South  
Ferguson Family   Madison North East 1/4 Sec 28, At CR 625 W 300 S 1/4 mile west of New Hope School & Highway 421  
Fetterhoff Farm Hughes Plot Clay 400 West on 600 South, North side of road on farm  
Flora Cemetery   Monroe South West 1/4 of Sec, 3/10 Mile North of Main Street at the West side of Flora Jr High School Gym  
Gilliford Cemetery   Liberty On the North bank of Rock Creek St, 8/10 of a mile West of intersection on the South side of 750 North Link 
Gray Plot   Clay 775 South on 500 West North of Middlefork Stream  
Great Eastern Fry, Shultz, Fray Adams 275 West 1125 North, North of what was once called "Fry Town" on the East side of Burnetts Creek Link 
Gronninger Parks; Parkes,
Rock Creek North East corner of sec 36 North of the intersection of county Road N 350W & W 750N in between W 700N and W 850N, West of town of Rockfield Link 
Guthrie Bershire Plot  Rock Creek North of County Road 850 North and 300 East Link 
Hickory Grove

Partial Listing & Photos
  Jefferson 975 North on County Road 700 West on the West side of road South of Hickory Grove Church Link 

Deer Creek Hopewell, Hopewell Deer Creek Washington Section 14 South West 1/4 4/10 of a mile East of church; 450 North 725 East and East of the town of Deer Creek Link 
Hoshaw Rohrabaugh,Kite family, Squier farm, Lew Baker Madison North East 1/4 of South East 1/4 of Sec 19 on Knoll W from CR 800W & Jct with 250 S on hills of Sugar Creek Stream  
Hufford Huffard Clay 1 mile North on State Road 421, turn right on Carroll and Clinton County Line Road; South East 1/4 of Section 14 Link 1
Link 2 
Hughes     Off of St. Rd. 39 to the West or off of Prince William Rd. to the East on W600S on the North Side Link 
Hyde Park

Wilson Burlington S 300 East & E 800 South; borders on County Line Road Link 1
link 2 
IOOF Memorial Gardesn
Odd Fellows    On Carrolton Rd./N 700W in between W 325N & 358N North of Delphi  Link 1"
Link 2"
Jackson Vernon Farm, On Paine Democrat 150 West 400 South then 1/2 mile South in the woods  
Johnson City   Adams 75 West on a hill about 125 yards above Towpath Road Link 
Knettle   Jackson 220 West and 225 North on hill that is on the North bank of Bachelor Run Stream on the West side of the road Link 
Kuns   Liberty 5/10 of a mile West of 100 East and 750 North  

Landis-Flora, Shirar-Landis Monroe Sec 11 3/10 of a mile North of County Road 50 South 1 1/2 miles East of Flora Link 
Lewis Farm Whistler Deer Creek on Funkhouser property  
Masonic Cemetery
  Delphi Between Masonic St. and Dayton Rd., just North of CR-200N. Link 
Mc Cain Cemetery

  Carrollton 400 East, between 100 and 200 North  
Mc Vay Farm   Adams 75 West, Towpath Road  
Maple Lawn
  Monroe Sec 11 North West 1/4 East of Flora on State Road 18

.3 miles North of Main St. at West side of Flora Junior High School Gym. SW 1/4 of Sec. 3 (originally known as John Flora Sr. (farm). Later known as the Spitler farm south of Bachelor Run Stream.

From Flora, IN (St Rd 18) go East to Flora High School located on the right side of the highway
Maxwell Cemetery Dale Farm Tippecanoe 1100 West on Bicycle Bridge Road  
Milburn Plot   Burllington    
Milroy Morning Heights, Old Delphi Deer Creek East of Delphi on County Road 300 North Link 
Morrison Xenia-Morrison, Tingley, Zenia Clay 500 South on Prince William Road - 550 S on Prince William Rd. SE 1/4 Sec. 1. Plot is located approximately 25 rods west of buildings on Horace Oaks Farm.  
Moss Cemetery

  Monroe Sec 11 South West 1/4; South East of Flora, 125 East County Road 50 South on the South side of the road Link 
Mullendore   Rock Creek 850 North and 300 East, 2/10 of a mile West of Rock Creek Stream, on hill Link 
Musselman   Jackson 125 East on 300 North, South East of Camden 2 1/2 miles Link 
Nearhooff Family Cemetery

  Jefferson Sec 3 North West 1/4 off North East; Dead end of County Road 1150 West to 1300 North Link 
Nebo   Jackson 3 miles West of Camden on State Road 218 just East of Wise Cemetery Link 
Neff-Speece   Adams Towpath Road , ?650 West in corner? Link 
North Fork Old German Baptist Church   Clay 800 West, 650 South 1/10 of a mile West of intersection, West of German Baptist Church Link 
Oak Grove
  Jefferson 1175 North on 900 West side of Oak Grove Church on west side of road Link 
Old Flora Cemetery   Monroe   Link 
Paint Creek
  Jackson north and east of Camden at the intersection of E450N and N150E next to the Paint Creek Church  
Pittsburg IOOF
A partial Online listing
Odd fellows   Tippecanoe 1/2 mile West of the town of Pittsburg on St. Rd. 18/421 or W. Monroe St.
Pleasant Run   Tippecanoe 925 West on 600 North 1/4 of a mile West of Range Line Road Link 
Potter's Graveyard near Delphi   which is suspected to be off the west side of County Road North 625 West, just north of County Road West 100 North near the Carroll County Home, now Carroll Manor story  
Pyrmont   Clay 800 West, 550 South on the West edge of the town of Pyrmont Link 
Riegel   Adams 425 West Towpath Road on hill North of Towpath Road  
Robbins Wise (Jackson twp) Deer Creek 575 West Approximately 350 North; located on Old Camden Road Link 
Rock Creek Cemetery

Mt. Pisgah, Lutheran, Plank Washington Section 27 2/10 of a mile West of 700 East on 800 West, across from Faith Lutheran Church Link 
Rockfield I.O.O.F


Odd Fellows  Rock Creek 700 North On County Road 250 West, East of the intersection of County road 250 North and State Road 25 Link 
Sager   Adams    
Sharp Point Deer creek
  Off of St. Rd. W. 218 onto N 525W located on W 575W/575 W before N 475W   Link 
Shinn Plot   Burlington Highway 29 1/2 mile North of Burlington  
Shultz Fry  Adams    
St. Johns   Clay 650 West on County Road 650 South Link 
St. Joseph Catholic   Deer Creek North West Corner of 800 West, 175 North; South of Delphi on Dayton Road Link 
Shock or Schock   Jefferson East of intersection of 1050 West & 1000 North, the site is North east of Yeoman & South East of Patton Link 
Smith   Tippecanoe On Baum Farm, 1140 West on 600 North  
Snoeberger   Jackson on the property of Anna Myrle Zook just north of Deer Creek, south of hwy 218, maybe 2 mi west of Camden Link 
South Union       link 
Stanley   Washington Section 32 East of 400 East North of 700 North, South bank of Rock Stream, South of Watson Cemetery  
Stewart, John   Washington Section 22, East edge of the South East 1/4, t 26 North R 1E, five miles North of Deer Creek; on Highway 29 North of Deer Creek: several years ago when work was being done on this road some of the graves possibly were relocated.  
Stewart (has been destroyed)   Washington Near Highway 29  
Sugar Creek Cemetery   Madison South East 1/4 of Sec 19  
Timmons   Adams 500 West, 1000 North, 75 yards North of County Road 1000 North  
Trent   Burlington 1/2 mile West of Batchelor Run Church  
Unknown   Burlington 1/4 of a mile West of Asbury Cemetery  
Unnamed   Clay North of 650 South, & West of 600 West  
Unnamed   Madison Sec 28 South east 1/4; Sec 19 South of Sugar Creek, West of Kirk Cemetery & West of Dayton Road  
United brethern       Link 
Unknown   Tippecanoe North of County Road 150 North  
Wagoner Coffman, Wagner Clay County Road 350 & 600 South, 2/10 of a mile West of T Road, On the North side of 600 South, West of lane and building Link 
Watson Farmer-Watson, Stanley  Washington North West 1/4 of Section 32 East of T Road 400 East, 750 North; 80 Yards East of road intersection  
Whistler, Info on   Deer Creek Junction of 400 West, 600 North on the North side of road Link 
Wingard   Deer Creek 625 West, North of 500 North at the curve in road; North West 1/4 of a mile from the intersection north of Carrollton Link 
Woodville Cemetery     150 E & 750 N. Link 
Yeoman Clymer Cemetery Jefferson 1150 West & 850 North on North side of road, 3/10 of a mile west of the town of Yeoman Link 
Zion Citizens

  Madison Sec 13; CR 350 W At 150 S W side of CR 350 W; near both Deer Creek and Monroe townships Link
CHS database 

These were listed in the above table - but since then I have found they are of other counties surrounoding Carroll. They either maybe on the county line - or very near the county line.

Since they were on site - I will leave them - but list them seperate from the above cemeteries.

Cemetery Name Alternate Names Township Location Find-A-
Gray Plot   Clay
? Warren twp,Clinton County, Gray Cemetery
775 South on 500 West North of Middlefork Stream Link 

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