Carroll County, Indiana - Obituaries Index

Obituaries Index

They all have been converted now to a single obit, possibly 2 on a page if it is a couple dying within a few hours of each other.

There is over well 814 obituaries represented here, as of 28 July 2010 as that is how many is left to be reformated; I will tray and place the number of obits per letter folder.

We all owe a great deal of THANKS to .
for the majority of these listed and she has offered to do look-ups too. Please give her a BIG thank-you for all of us if you contact her.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her efforts and remembering the site and her enormous contribution for this portion of the website - she writes: "This has been a busy month for looking up obits for patrons. I am sending some more obits for your website, hope I'm not sending too many at a time. Have a good day. - Rose Hoshaw, 18 May 2007" For with out her it would not be possible.

Please help me proof these for these points - The person - must of:
  • been born in Carroll county
  • lives in Carroll county
  • lived in Carroll county at one time
  • member still of Carroll county organizations
  • died in Carroll County
  • be buried in Carroll County
I have tried to do this as I have entered the obits as submitted - but I am behind - so may have over looked ones the should not of been entered on to site.

maybe if a relative lives in Carroll county can make a seperate listing as to having some "other" connection to Carroll county,

It is also my hopes to start a cemetery listing from these obituaries in the future.

I have used the obit file name to create the index, so excuse the non capitlization of the names, in some cases - I have taken out the unecessary wording sucha as folder names and ".htm' in a global replace to save time and eliminate errors upon retyping of the name - I am having to re-build the index because of problems in the coding section so be patient please . just let me know of a non-working link and i will correct it as soon as possible

All obituary entry pages should resemble this page - I think all have been converted over to this new format - i found some double footers/menu's as in result in the global replacement and in some it even lef parts of the old in by checking any file that was over 9KB I hope i have eliminated these. there are some text files K-P and R-U that needs to be converted to htm and put up; these were found in back-up of e-mails and were transfered to text files to compare with the htm listings - hopefull all will be up very soon. Please let me know if a page has to many footers/menus on them or just look unsual ; or has the obit as a single paragrapg if large.

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