Whats New

15 Sep 2012 - All obits for A thru L have been verfied, and an iidentifier the year they died placed in the file name - all duplicates have been removed by count there is 1299 for this section. Working on an Exell sheet abstract data from obits

3 Sep 2012 - Have been working on breaking the large obituay pages down into single obits - have broke the folders down more such as: ab, ae,. I am going to make an excell sheet of all current obituaries so I can corss reference with exisiting cemetery transcriptions and update those pages, eventually - and strans a transcription on site for those cemeteries from the obituaries. Also trying to making the whole site a single folder site - thus can see at glance all information that is available on site

Aug - 2012 - NOTICE this site is not longer a part of INGenWeb; I have moved on and will maintain it I have reatained rights to all material; and H I have moved on and will maintain it I have retained all rights to all material; and I have left all basic pages /indexes with the exception of material that I personally transcribed or found with that project on their site under the incarroll folder; it was a complete working copy and all that had to be done was to re-link- the index page to the county table. other material on this site can not be copied by other projects. Please fell free continue to donate material to me at

Aug. 2012 - Have linked to Indiana Trails of the Past ; as stated from the national main page " You own the copyright to any in formation you add to the site and your submitters own the copyright for whatever they add to the site. Trails to the Past only hold the copyright on what we put on our National pages.

15 Aug 2012 - Have left INGenWeb no longer with them - New logo pictures representing Main St. Delphi - design, menu will remain the same.

30 April 2011 - hopefully the site is all up in working order - and very few bad lnks if any - IF ANY ARE FOUND - pleas e-mail me with page address not found also some pages may contain some 'garbage coding' will you please let me know if this is found - this has been a nightmare because of the different page styles and set up over the last few years and the way 'global Replace' read the coding and inserted the new - sometimes double and triple. THANK YOU for your patience and understanding. I ahve some new obits to get up yet and also have to double check all the old obit files agains ones up on site - they were the major source of toruble in the page set up/style/coding. I hope all like the 'simpllfied' design.
26 Jan. 2011 - most of the site has been transformed - I am in the obit right now - its one page at a time the 1916 history is to be done - all pages are to look like this - setup- with the time, date and update and visit date and time n it. let me know if there are pages that have not been fulloy converted - trying to do a global on most - otherwise its page by page.

15 January 2001 - for some reason the menu items have decided not to work on pages i re-formated last year - so I have been forced to stop what i had planned to do and re-format them to the new style immediately - please be patient I am working as fast as I can.

14 January 2011 - another year has flew by andI have yet to complete the re-organization of the site as I wanted it to be. I have found a cleaner page set-up (this is it) - and going to retain the menu set-up and folders as is for Carroll and not change them thus all the menu items should be win working order on a page view such as this or the the blue table format - I am finishing the cemeteries up first - breaking them out of the cemetery folder so I can see what is there - going to try and have as many individual up-front folders a much as possible. Going through each folder and goiing to work down the folders that need attention first (the older formats which may be causing problems withing the site) and then go back to the beginning. Please be patient and understanding.

Yes I do have obituaries that need to be done too and put up and checked and pages redone - We owe a very special thank you to Rose Hoshaw for taking the time to transcribe them and send them to me - - if you find one that you need or is helpful please send her a thank you - her e-mail is at bottom of each page - - if you do not find one - you can send her a request and she will try her best to find it - she is TREMENDOUS! Without her contributions this part of the site would not be what it is today - I thank her for all her hard work and beong patient with me..

3 May 2010 - Sometime last fall I began the new page (the tabled blue) set-ups for my sites - I started some on Carroll but got side tracked. I spent till after 4 a.m. this morning setting up the folders and index pages for the menus on here. Also reorganized the obituaries into index pages of A-B-C etc. and same with the obits all are in a folder for each letter of the alphabet; they were just getting out of control. All may need to be broke down as added to.

Today is